PANNA aims to improve their athletes off and on the pitch. We protect our clients off the pitch by hedging their long-term financial wellbeing, giving legal and financial advice, not selling dreams who could harm the athlete.

In the social media age, 'branding' of athletes has become increasingly important. PANNA builds a strong brand for all their clients by making personalized videos and social media posts.

We also guide our clients on the pitch, enhancing their performance with video and data analysis. Giving the athlete this extra % which could make the difference, maximizing his/her potential.


Research from Transfer Price Index indicates that only less than half of transfers (40%) in the Premier League are successful. With the inflation in the transfer market, failed transfers have become extremely costly. PANNA wants to help clubs to maximize their transfer success, where we seek to match clubs and players based on data-analytics.

PANNA isn't driven by short-term success in deal making but wants to build a long-lasting relationship with our partner clubs.