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VISION Panna : We strive to become a state-of-the-art major European sports advisory company built on trust and hard work, that creates value for both athletes and professional sport organizations.

what do we do?

Panna sports Agency aims to improve their athletes on and off the pitch by offering a wide range of services. Every athlete has different needs that we try to meet as best as possible. 

Some services : player representation, contract negotiation, individual evaluation based on video- and data-analysis, social media strategy, legal advice, tax planning, wealth planning, and many more services. 

We always put the athlete’s interest first, giving step-by-step career advice in order to maximize the athlete’s potential.

We aren’t driven by short-term success in deal making but we want to build a long-lasting relationship with strategic partner clubs based on trust and hard work. 

Failed transfers are extremely costly, that’s why Panna Sports Agency strives to help clubs to maximize their transfer success by seeking the right profiles for their needs based on a data driven analysis. 


– Sport business related conferences / network events. 

– Product presentations / thematical presentations & speakers. 


– Pre-season and mid-season training camps for professional football teams.

– Organizing youth camps U16-U18. 

– Organizing pre-season tournament.

In this social media age, “branding” of athlete’s has become increasingly important. Our partner Art Of Sports can put together a tailor-made package according to your wishes. 

Designing a logo, produce and maintain a website, social media management, content creation are just a few of the services our partners can provide.

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Player Agent

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Player Agent

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Talent Scout

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